Is Your Brand Ready for a Trade Show?

Every entrepreneur, either in a small – medium enterprise or running a multi-national company, is always thinking of different ways to increase their sales and visibility. In this day and age, businesses are presented with a multitude of platforms to market their products and services; social media is a definite game changer, traditional media are key players in promotions, and trade shows present a surefire way to reach a business’ market in person.

Events like trade shows, as compared to other promotional methods may demand more expenses, time, and manpower, but the benefits that it would reap—lasting impressions, lead generation, and direct sales prospects, just to name a few—would pay for the cost themselves. It’s a great opportunity for entrepreneurs to interact with their desired market and potential partners. It takes out the middleman between the business and the target audience by creating a controlled environment wherein the customer’s attention is fixed on seeing and experiencing what the brand has to offer.

Deciding to join a trade show would entail serious decision-making and preparation for a brand. We list down four important notes that entrepreneurs should be sure to have before they enlist to join a trade show.

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Know What You’re Getting Your Business Into

Is this the right trade show? Is the show going to cater to the brand’s target market? Are competitors going to be present? Asking these questions settles expectations. It allows a brand to properly develop its strategy before it takes action.

“With the right strategy, every trade show you attend is an opportunity to drastically expand your company’s customer base… With the right strategy, even a small startup can strengthen its brand by exhibiting at a trade show.” Peter Symonds explains on

Settle Your Goals

People sign up for a show for a number of reasons: It can serve as a launching pad for new products or concepts, a way to build up your brand and distribution, a means of nurturing relationships or even a place to position your company for sale.” Lisa Girard explains on

Knowing its “WHY” allows the brand to prepare every other step that it needs to take for the event, every collateral that it would have to produce, and the marketing efforts that it would have to take.

Trade shows are not a small feat for a brand. It requires a lot of resources, and if a brand does not know what it would want to achieve then it would just be wasting a whole lot of time and money.

Strong Brand Identity

A company without proper branding is sure to get lost in the sea of competitors that it would face at a trade show.

A strong brand identity, which should be present in the physical booth, embodied by the products, and characterized by the sales and marketing staff, would ensure a lasting impression on clients.  

“People are attracted to things that resonate with them, and if your booth has something that they can connect with, it can help make you look and sound much more authentic… build or simulate an experience for your audience so that they can imagine where your brand fits in their lives.” As explained by branding agency, Blue Thumb Creative on their website.

Are Your Products Ready?

It is vital that a brand would have products to present at a trade show; visitors are expecting to see what a company has in their pipeline, and displaying products ready for viewing or testing is the best way to settle expectations and show what the brand has to offer.

Either it’s a final version or a beta, brands should make sure that the products that they’re bringing to trade shows are at par with the standards that they would want their consumers to see.

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