Merging the Cutting Advances and Features from the DiversaCut Sprint® and the Model G The Sprint 2 Dicer produces and wide variety of dices, granulations, slices and strips of vegetables, fruits, bakery products, meats and seafood.


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Sprint 2 Dicer

New Cuts for Expanding Markets

URSCHEL partners with leading processors around the globe. The food cutting specialists at Urschel Asia Pacific (UAP) work with customers on all types of ingredients. “Every product presents unique challenges. Customers rely on Urschel to assist them in determining just the right cutting machine as they continue to venture into new product offerings, and expand on others,” according to Mr. Nomer Catilo, Area Sales Manager, Philippines.

“Research and development is at the forefront of what we do. Urschel continuously craft s new types of cuts. We share these with processors, and work to create even more options based on customer needs.”

Cutting options and types of ingredients processed on Urschel equipment are boundless — fruits and vegetables for dices, slices, or juice ingredients; proteins from cheeses to plant-based to meat/poultry/seafood; many non-food items that need to be reduced in size; also, chemical and pharmaceutical active ingredients and related items.

Customers are welcome to contact UAP for a free-of-charge test cut of their ingredients. With over 50 models of machinery combined with a global network of highly-skilled Urschel cutting specialists, UAP will assist in the development of new cuts for your application.


Mr. Dennis Wong at Urschel Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd.

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+65-6254-7757 or at [email protected]

Mr. Nomer Catilo


+63 9157851382 or at [email protected]



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