RG Manufacturing & Trading Solutions Inc. and its Array of Offerings

Established in 2009, RG Manufacturing & Trading Solutions Inc. has dedicated its business to offering the manufacturing market with a wide range of industrial equipment, outstanding service, and valuing long lasting relationships with their clients and partners.

Passionate in providing companies with quality and technologically advanced machinery and equipment, RG Manufacturing & Trading Inc. partners with several brands from around the world (North and South America, Europe, Africa, and all around Asia) and acts as their official representation in the Philippine market. Aside from its partnerships, the company also puts a premium on delivering flexible equipment that best suits the demands of a specific client brand, with sensitivity towards cost efficiency and superior product quality.

The company’s operations began by marketing merchandise like wax powder, aluminum foil, (PET/PE), vacuum belts, hot ink, hot ribbons, coder types, and more.

RG Manufacturing & Trading Solutions Inc. later expanded by catering to the manufacturing and production arm of several industries, such as pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, plastic processing, and most especially food and beverage.

From food processing equipment to packaging solutions, scroll on and discover the different brands and machineries that RG Manufacturing & Trading Solutions Inc. offers the local food and beverage market.

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Food Processing

RG Manufacturing & Trading Solutions Inc. carries a wide selection of equipment that are meant to provide production solutions to food manufacturing companies: biscuit, crackers, and cookies production line; Swiss roll production line; buns production line; ice cream production line; wafer and chocolate production line; dairy production line; marshmallow production line; hard and soft candy production line; flour milling production line; coffee and cream production line; bulk handling system; nuts processing plant; produce drying equipment; potato and corn chips processing plants; meat and fish processing equipment; brewery and beverage processing plant.

RG - Image 2Total Packaging Solutions

RG Manufacturing & Trading Solutions Inc.’s The company’s packaging solutions line, with its fully automated control solutions and fast responding professional design engineering team, caters to several product categories and carries a full line of equipment that answers to various packaging needs, such as horizontal and vertical form fill seal machines; auto and semi auto weighing scales; stand up pouch packaging machine; auto feeding device; palletizing system; weight checker; metal detector; case packer; and high speed liquid / viscous multi lane special shape auto packaging machine.

RG Manufacturing & Trading Solutions Inc. can be contacted through telephone: +632 994 – 2692, via email: [email protected] , or through their website at www.rgmtsi.com.

Visit and discover RG Manufacturing & Trading Solutions Inc.’s array of brands and equipment at this year’s Asia Food Expo this coming September 13-16, 2017, at the World Trade Center in Pasay City.