3 Product Offerings to Look Forward to from ELIXIR Industrial Equipment, Inc.

Elixir Industrial Equipment, Inc., more than providing the industrial production market with manufacturing, coding, and printing equipment, delivers serviceable solutions to their growing clienteles’ needs.

Partnering with leading brands from United Kingdom, Italy, and Germany gives the company an edge in terms of its significant and competitive product range. Aside from the products carried and its equipment offering, the company’s dedication to superior client servicing led them to open offices in Quezon City; Mandaue; Cebu City; and Sta. Rosa, Laguna not only for a wider market reach, but to ensure that their clients would receive the full range of services, nationwide—from installation, to maintenance, and even repairs. Elixir Industrial is very customer-oriented solutions driven company, always aiming to provide top and reliable services.

The company is acquainted to the fact that each brand, from different industries: such as packaged food, bottled beverages, pharmaceutics, and plenty others have distinct manufacturing requirements. This understanding has led Elixir Industrial to supply the proper technology that would suit their clients’ needs and demands. The company takes this to heart by studying each client’s requirements, and promising to deliver a corresponding mix of machinery and equipment that is right for their operations, and for maximum production capability.

Scroll through and see three impeccable product lines that every food manufacturing and packaging companies should be interested in from Elixir Industrial Equipment, Inc.

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Robotics and Automation

The Universal Robots is true to its name: collaborative robotic arms, capable of performing assembly tasks for different production lines, and it comes in three different sizes.

UR3, best for its precision and light assembly tasks, is capable of handling up to 3 kg, and a reach radius of up to 500mm. The UR5 is paramount for low-weight processing: picking, placing, and testing. It is s capable of executing tasks that demands for it to handle up to 5kg, and a reach radius of up to 850mm. While the UR10, the largest among the three robots, performs tasks up to 10 kg in weight, and a reach of up to 1300mm.


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Print and Apply Solutions

Elixir Industrial offers two ranges of printing technology: Direct thermal and Thermal Transfer.  Its Direct Thermal comes with the Evolabel D43 Direct Thermal Printer, which prints 100% of a label size and is capable of integration onto different production lines, is often used in the food industry but could also cater to other products that do not demand long storage. The brand Evolabel is  from Sweden, known for its simplicity and its reliability in efficiency.  The Thermal Transfer Technology is available through the T43 and T63 Thermal Transfer Printers by Evolabel. These models are ideal for products that demand its labels to have a longer lifespan and tough handling. The T43 is capable of printing up to 4-inch in width and a resolution of 300dpi, while the T63 is capable of a 6-inch printed with, and a resolution of 300dpi.


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Coders and Printers

Packaged goods, most especially food products within the trade industry require a use-by date label onto the primary packaging, a best-before date for other cases, and a date code information on the secondary packaging of finished goods are necessary for most retailers. Elixir Industrial meets these demands through its line of coders that uses Continuous Inkjet (CIJ), Thermal Transfer Overprinting (TTO), and Laser Coding. Elixir’s line of CIJ printers by LINX: such as the 8900/8910, capable of printing up to 3 lines, measuring from 1.8mm to 8.8mm high, and up to 18 months (or 13,000 hours) between services, the 8920 with a 5-line coding capability and service intervals of up to 24 months (or 18,000 hours), and the 8940, a high-speed coder that’s capable of 5-line codings with IP65 rating for challenging environments. High speeds for one line coding up to 6.25m/s and two line coding at 4.1m/s.  For more permanent coding solutions, the Linx CSL10 and CSL30 are laser coders with powerful processors for faster and reliable coding. Linx laser coders are very capable of clear barcodes, QR codes, logos, etc.,  so it is able to offer you the most flexible solution for applying simple or complex codes onto a range of line speeds and materials.  


For inquiries Elixir Industrial Equipment Inc. could be reached through their telephone numbers: 442-6692 / 442-6651; or via email: [email protected]; and their website: www.elixirphil.com. Check out Elixir Industrial Equipment Inc.’s range of products at Asia Food Expo, this coming September 13-16, 2017, at the World trade Center in Pasay City.

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