HUMY 3000 On-line Moisture Analyzer: Best Way to Improve your Product Quality

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  • STILL SAMPLING MANUALLY?—Traditional way, big loss to stop the production for just sampling periodically. You don’t have to do this anymore, since HUMY3000 is online/real-time moisture measuring system.
  • OVERHEATED or STILL TOO WET?—The risk is always existed — getting overheat or the moisture is still too much to cause the quality problem. You don’t have to worry about this anymore. HUMY300 can provide an instant and high accurate monitoring and assist your dryer machines operating in the max. efficiency and effectiveness. – also save the cost of power consumption.
  • ALSO SAVE LABOR COST–Normally 2-3 persons would be needed for “sampling” job every day, but you could utilize your staff more efficiently. HUMY3000 provides continuous and automatic moisture measuring.
  • EASY and FRIENDLY–Only first time needs to be calibrated; user-friendly interface. Easy to operate and set the parameters.
  • It’s MADE in GERMANY. The only one to detect the moisture in the core with high accuracy.




The HUMY 300/ 3000 is successfully used for moisture measurement in many processes, including granules, pellets, chips, powders, dusts, and so on. Conveyor belts, screw conveyors, silos, hoppers… etc. are particularly suitable installation locations. On-line moisture measurement is also possible in batch processes. The fast measuring process with high resolution allows a quick and easy calibration and accuracy is up to 0.1%. In addition, the automatic temperature compensation and ageing drift, self-monitoring device also have an integrated data logger, digital output and alarm outputs. For measured materials or process changes, different parameters can be saved up to 24 materials or product groups.




  • No need sampling for the laboratory
  • Energy savings during drying process
  • For automatic humidifying
  • Easy and fast installation and calibration
  • Very short pay-back periods
  • Improvement of product quality
  • Continuous monitoring and reporting with integrated data logger
  • High speed of measurement and adjustable sensitivity
  • More than 0.1% accuracy (depending on the product)
  • Optional ATEX-Version  for zone 20 and zone 0


The moisture in solids is an important factor which strongly influences the quality of the product and can increase the economic efficiency of a production fundamentally. HUMY 3000 is in many processes successfully in use, e.g. for sugar, tobacco, grain, malt, flour, coal, sand, wood shavings, dried food, fertilizer, powder, pigments and plastic granules.

As installation places conveyor belts, screw conveyors, silos, funnels are particularly suitable. The inline moisture measurement is also possible in batch processes. At the measuring the relative permittivity and the high-frequency recession of the solid is measured in the high-frequency range.

The measurement procedure makes a short and simple calibration as well as a high precision better than 0.1% possible. The measuring probe transmits the data digitally. This makes the measurement assignment disturbance insensitive and allows a distance of the sensor to the end judging unity up to 1000m.

The system supervising itself has an integrated data logger besides an automatic compensation of temperature and ageing drift, digital and alarm exits. On the LC display are represented the measurements analogously and digitally.

A simple control and parameter setting of all functions is carried out via soft keys. For product or process changes different product parameters can be stored.


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