5 Food Franchise Brands to Jumpstart Your Business

Starting a food business is never an easy feat. There are plenty of hoops and ladders to get through before one could open shop: brand and market research, finding a great team, and securing an effective location are just few of a budding entrepreneurs worries. And it doesn’t end there, once doors open and customers start coming in there are concerns of sales, marketability, and sustainability.

Though no business is easy to open, opting to franchise a food brand has its perks over starting one’s own; like eliminating the nitty-gritty conceptualization period, an approved and tested list of vendors and suppliers, and a brand that’s known by the public: securing a tested system, right quality, and market share.

Franchising, according to the Philippine Franchise Association, is a business model wherein an interested franchisee would be in agreement to sell, market, and manage a manufacturer or franchisor’s products and services. Once granted the brand’s franchise, the franchisor would proactively assist the franchisee in setting up their franchise business—from management, to operations, to marketing, and even finding the right site for the business.

Looking at starting your own business? Why not consider franchising an established and well-loved brand, and be a proud owner of one—or even more—of its branches? Scroll on through and see five of the different food franchising brands that any aspiring franchiser should seriously consider!  

Master Siomai

Photo credit: www.facebook.com/MasterSiomai


Master Siomai was established in 2007, and over a decade later, it is without a doubt one of the local leading food cart franchise brands with more than 550 outlets. Its success is credited to its strong and consistent product quality, and approachable branding, thanks to its visibility in malls, public transportation stations, and even in schools.

Mr Liempo


Mr. Liempo began its success in the Metro Cebu market in 2009. Over eight months later, their “Bellyciously Delicious” lechon liempo and lechon manok led them to open their first branch, and by the end of the year the Mr. Liempo brand had 10 stores under its belt. The brand has now expanded outside of Cebu with franchises all over NCR, Negros Oriental, Bohol, and more.



Miguelito’s Ice Cream, under Miguelito’s International Corporation started with soft serve ice cream in front of their Barbershop and LPG store in 2002. The company saw the opportunity to develop the venture into creating a full line of premixes for their Miguelito’s Ice Cream Franchise concept. Fifteen years down the line, the franchise is present in numerous establishments, with three franchising packages, and over seventeen product offerings.

Tea First


Established in October 2015, Tea First, with its strong branding and its wide variety of flavors opens its business to franchising. Cedric Maligaya and Reena Cipriano developed their brand by testing their market through bazaars and attending a franchising seminar by Francorp.


JONAS The Original Pares

JONAS – The Original Pares, since it began serving in 1979 has maintained the quality and affordability that it promises. Aside from its quality dishes and dining experience, the brand aims to create varying business opportunities with restaurant branches, and a commissary line for its authentic dim sum and roasting products that could cater to hotels, restaurants, and other food businesses.

With franchising related businesses spanning from fast food, to franchising suppliers, to retail equipment and technology, and even consultancy, Food & Drinks Asia is the ultimate hub for aspiring food business franchisers.

Art by Kiel Vasquez