Build Your Dream Ice Cream Store with The OS8 Compact Machine


When considering soft serve ice cream machines, most people talk about three things: portion cost, retail cost and selling time.

Little thought is given to the real cost and the real net profit. There are many hidden costs associated with selling soft serve ice cream from a conventional machine.

It is not always a case of liquid mix and frozen desserts out because there are many hidden associated costs that are seldom discussed. Do you know what these costs are and how these costs may affect your real breakeven point with what is needed in sales to remain profitable?


The One-Shot® pod dispensing system is inexpensive, operating costs are low and a fast return on investment. It’s sleek curves and simplicity, incorporates our Zen philosophy to make One-Shot® stand out from the crowd, enhancing the pleasure of your overall user experience and profitability.


The OS8 creates the opportunity for having a high impact point of sale graphics area with maximum surface area for point of sale graphics. Complete with a small machine footprint, the OS8 gives you this striking visual merchandising appearance, which is so important for foodservice operators where counterpace is normally at a premium.


The user experience continues … Such inexpensive equipment, low running costs, dispensing more flavours and more product choice from the compact OS8 dispenser. The OS8’s low break-even point creates a fast payback, making every penny count.

Add to that the fact that it’s one of the most energy efficient machines there is. The OS8 plugs into a standard socket with no special wiring required, using energy only when dispensing, giving a maximum dispensing capacity of up to 240 portions per hour. The OS8 uses no more energy than a standard domestic 100-watt light bulb.

Small entrepreneurs who are looking at entering the market have been making use of the one shot OS8 model in their stores. The Filipino market will get a hold of its share as it launches this year at Asia Food Expo at World Trade Center this September.

Interested visitors can pre-register here. While companies who would like to join the exhibit may visit this link


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