Marca Leon’s Polenta Bigas Mais is Your Best Bet for Healthy Alternatives

Health and wellness has become the biggest trend that took over the internet since the emergence of social media. Post after post is a barrage of #fitnessgoals, and the market has shifted to its favor ever since. Exercise packages, diet deliveries, and super foods have been introduced in countless ways since Instagram and Facebook.

When it comes to health and wellness, the Filipino market’s biggest concern would have to carbohydrates and gluten. Having to give up rice is an ordeal, and the alternatives: like quinoa, couscous, millet, if not unsatisfying, are expensive and difficult to come by.

Cue in Corn Grits or Bigas Mais, a byproduct of corn that’s used as a rice alternative, or for polenta, porridge, and even for baking. What sets it apart from others of its kind, like quinoa or couscous, is that it’s accessible, and cheaper.


The brand’s experience and history stretches a 70 year legacy. It began as a corn and rice mill in 1927, with it’s owner, Mr. Limketkai’s dreams and commitment to providing agricultural progress to his hometown of Cagayan de Oro at its forefront.

Three generations later, the Limketkai group is the large-scale manufacturer of the different Marca Leon products. It provides healthy and high quality food products that all Filipino families deserve.

Marca Leon harvests raw materials from their own farms, using an advanced winterization process, and bottle the finished products with their own packaging materials. Keeping it all at its freshest and purest by boycotting the use of unnecessary and unhealthy chemicals in their products.

Great for cooking. Great in taste. Great for the health. That’s why Marca Leon continues to be the trusted partner of homemakers and food professionals.

70 years later, and they’re still at it. Generations and generations of upholding the family legacy of bringing clean, healthy, pure, natural products for the generations of Filipinos to come.

Scroll on through to see the healthy alternative offerings of Marca Leon at this year’s Food and Drinks Asia exposition this coming September:





Marca Leon offers the market a variant of cholesterol and gluten free and products produced from corn. Marca Leon Bigas Mais is a cheaper and healthier alternative to white rice: it’s cholesterol-free and gluten-free, bran-free and rich in fiber, which aids in better digestion–perfect for dieters who don’t want to compromise taste. Other than Bigas Mais, the brand also offers Corn Meal, a gluten-free flour alternative in the market. It’s rich in fiber, and naturally sweeter than ordinary flour, adding a unique corn flavor to baked goods or breading.


Catch the different healthy and premium offerings of Marca Leon through their website, or at the Food and Drinks Asia exposition this September 2017. For more information, visit