Doña Elena Olive Oil Kickstarts the Chef Ambassador Series Campaign

dona elena chef ambassador

A good meal worth coming home to starts with quality ingredients. And what are quality ingredients without top-tiered cooking oils, first and foremost? Doña Elena knows this by heart and to this day, they seek to bring the best of  Mediterranean cuisine’s ingredients to the Filipino home.

Last October 26, the country’s most trusted brand for olive oil took it up a notch as they kicked off their Chef Ambassador Series Campaign. In the campaign’s debut, the brand collaborates with two of the country’s culinary masters: Locavore’s Executive Chef Mikel Zaguirre and Raintree Restaurant’s Corporate Chef Kalel Chan to give their timely interpretations of well-loved dishes.

Ensuring outstanding quality of oil in every bottle to the last drop, it is specifically grown and yielded in the Andalucia region of Spain. As the primary user of this precious ingredient, chefs understand that good quality olive oil is a sacred tool in the kitchen. Highly versatile and suitable for a myriad of dishes, it’s also arguably one of the world’s healthiest oils complete with a full range of benefits. And for seasoned chefs Mikel and Kalel, it’s a small price to pay in perfecting home cooked masterpieces.

dona elena chef ambassador

The exciting launch puts the two chefs in the middle of a fun cook-off, where they are to replicate their respective concoctions, with Doña Elena’s Olive Oil line in tow. Chef Kalel brings his A-game with his Fil-Hispanic inspired Spanish Style Balsamic Bangus. The dish is a delight for seafood lovers, fusing Doña Elena’s Pure Olive Oil and a kick of balsamic vinegar. The result is nothing short of delectable—an explosion of flavors in every bite.

Meanwhile, Chef Mikel shows his prowess in his Mojo Chicken recipe. With this dish, he succeeds in changing the notion that roasting is intimidating and when done right, can reap addictively sumptuous rewards. Not to be forgotten is the chimichurri—its classic Mexican-inspired pairing which further brings out simple yet sophisticated flavors.

Truly, the country has produced some of the finest chefs in the last decade, which could be the world’s greatest legends in no time. “We are proud that Doña Elena continues to be the country’s most trusted brand for olive oil not just by our loyal consumers but even by today’s most renowned local chefs,” adds Abbie Ng-Reyes, Fly Ace Asst. Vice President for Marketing.

Doña Elena’s Chef Ambassador Series seeks to embark on a culinary journey for the household—featuring techniques and personal recipes of each featured chef that anyone can recreate at the comforts of their own abode.

dona elena chef ambassador


dona elena chef ambassador


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Doña Elena Olive Oil is exclusively distributed by Fly Ace Corporation in the Philippines. It is the consistent no. 1 Olive Oil brand according to A.C. Nielsen. Available in three (3) variants, extra virgin, pure and pomace which comes in 250 ml, 500 ml, 1 L glass bottles and 5L PET bottle sizes. For more tips, recipes, and promos visit @donaelenacuisineraclub on Facebook and Instagram.